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General Information



We require all orders to be placed in writing. Our preferred method of submissionis via email to Purchase Orders may also be submitted via fax or mail. Order confirmation will follow receipt of purchase order. Orders are not accepted over the telephone. Please be sure to identify yourself and your artwork along with your purchase order number, the product or products on which the art is to be printed, and contact information with phone and e-mail address so we are able to contact you. ANY CHANGE TO ADMINTS & ZAGABOR POLICIES LISTED BELOW AND ANY PRICE DIFFERENCE FROM OUR PRINTED PRICES MUST BE IN WRITING FROM AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR FACTORY. Due to circumstances many times not controlled by our factory, prices are subject to change without notice and substitutions of items of greater or equal value may be necessary to ensure on-time shipment.


We are not liable for pricing in other publications, websites or other sources that may be different than our pricing in this catalog. Pricing in this catalog supersedes any previouscatalogs and is subject to change without prior notification.


Changes to orders already in production will result in delayed shipment. The charge for changing an order that is in production is determined based upon what work, if any, has been completed. This includes changes in quantity, ship method, ship date, address, item, or imprint. No changes to orders can be made within 48 hours of shipment. Any changes prior to 48 hours must be confirmed by the factory in writing, in the event we have started the order with the initial instructions. Additions to orders already in production require a revised or new purchase order and any price change must be agreed upon in a written quote by the factory. If the status of the production of the original order does not allow the additional quantity to be added, the additional amount will be produced based upon factory’s normal production schedule. In many cases any order larger then catalog quantity will be started in production PRIOR to the artwork being approved so the quantity can be met and the ship date is on time. Therefore, a change of quantity MUST be approved in writing by Admints & Zagabor to confirm we did not already produce the order.


New orders require fifty percent deposit upon order placement and the balance upon shipment. Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted. The credit card is processed as Show & Tell Media, LLC. After three orders, we will consider extending credit. A credit application must be filled out by an officer of your company. Credit approval takes approximately two weeks.


Mint boxes take 3 weeks to produce from the receipt of signed artwork approval. All other products require 7-10 working days from the receipt of signed artwork approval to ship the products. Rush services are available for all products in stock.


Rush service under 5 days is available depending upon the product, quantity and our production schedule. Contact our company for availability.


We reserve the right to make changes in specifications, colors, and materials without notice or obligation, and specifically reserve the right to alter, withdraw or discontinue products at any time without notice or obligation. We reserve the right to substitute candy or food products with similar products based upon inventory.


Requests for returns must be made within five days of receipt and must get approved by factory with a return authorization number. Restocking charges will apply to all returns because of their perishable nature. We are not responsible for inability to fill orders due to acts of nature, shortage of materials or any other reasonable cause.


Goods should be inspected immediately upon arrival. Complaints must be made in writing within 3 days of delivery. No merchandise may be returned without factory return authorization number. All claims goods damaged in transit or for delayed delivery must be filed by the distributor/ recipient with the carrier on receipt. We are not responsible for common carrier mistakes.


There is a $35.00 charge for orders less than catalog minimum and may also have an increase in unit price.


At the request of many of our distributor partners, we are now shipping all orders with a maximum of 3% overruns to ensure minimum order quantities. In order to guarantee quantities ordered, we need to utilize 105% of stock at the beginning of manufacturing process to account for setups and printing. This is required to maintain our success in shipping the quantities requested on your purchase order with the quality of product and imprints our customers expect. Our billing procedure is to include a 3% overrun on every order under 5,000 units, 2% on orders under 25,000 units and 1% on orders over 25,000 units to accurately bill for product we actually ship. Most orders will ship with an additional 3-5% but only be billed for 3%. On the rare occasion that less than a 3% overrun is produced, we will adjust the invoice upon shipping or issue a refund if the order has been pre-paid. The charge for exact quantity shipments is $25.


There are some standard additional charges that apply to many orders. The Reorder Setup Charges is 50% of initial charge, the PMS Color Match charge is $60 (v) per color.

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Logos used in the catalog are for illustration purposes only. They do not imply endorsement, nor are the items with these specific logos for sale to anyone other than the parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs.


All design templates and specifications are found on the website to help designers create artwork that fits our products and meets our artwork requirements. Please e-mail all artwork to PC or MAC files can also be delivered via a CD/DVD. Files should be submitted in EPS format with text converted to outlines and images embedded. Text that becomes an object can no longer be edited as text. If possible, please ZIP or STUFF all files. We prefer Adobe Illustrator files or high resolution JPEG or TIFF files. For all other formats, please call. When maximum imprint area is requested, or percentage is not specified, factory will use its best judgment to achieve an attractive imprint and may reduce size of artwork. Type characters that are within 1⁄16" on finished art will possibly fill in. The smallest type that can be clearly reproduced is 8 pt. Sans Serif or 12 pt. Serif. Foil printing on ribbon repeats the imprint approximately 3 inches but is determined upon the imprint details.


Production samples for all products are available at a cost of the product, set-up charge plus an additional $25 (v). Depending upon the size of the order we will credit the set-up charge on the order. Production samples require standard production time and the actual production cannot begin until production sample is approved. Please discuss time sensitive issues for written approval of any change to this policy.


PAPER OR ELECTRONIC PROOFS: Available at $15.00(V). Paper proofs will be faxed or Electronic proofs will be emailed unless otherwise noted on purchase order. PRODUCTION BEGINS AFTER RECEIPT OF WRITTEN PROOF APPROVAL. NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED FOR ANY ART ERRORS AFTER APPROVAL.


Exact reorders will NOT be proofed unless specifically requested on your PO.


Mint boxes are printed via offset printing at 175 line screen using a modified 4-color process (CMYK). Exact color match cannot be guaranteed. Labels are printed using a modified 4-color process (CMYK) and exact color match cannot be guaranteed. Direct imprint on other products use 16 standard colors, while specific PMS color inks are available for an additional $60 (v).


This is an international color guide for white coated and uncoated papers only. Consequently, color variations will occur from uncontrollable factors including the base material, background color of the product and the natural fading of pigments as inks dry. We will make every effort to match the color you specify as closely as we can, but cannot guarantee an exact color match. Some colors may require, at an additional color charge, a double print or a white under-print to achieve desired intensity.


We have 16 standard pad printing colors. Any additional PMS colors can be matched for an additional $60 (v) per color.


Colors are Gold, Silver, Black, Red, White and Blue. Return to Top



All orders are F.O.B. Bellmawr, NJ 08031. All freight charges and applicable duty and taxes are extra. Title of goods passes to the customer at the time the merchandise is assigned to the carrier. We are not responsible for delays or damages in route.


Between the months of April-September we recommend Chocolate, Breath Strips and heat sensitive items be shipped in an insulated carton with cold packs. This adds $14 (v) per carton. We will determine how many insulated cartons will be needed for each order and let you know on the invoice. Factory is not responsible for shipping costs. We can ship Ground to any location within two days shipping from Bellmawr, NJ 08031. Any other location will require 2-Day air shipment via FedEx or UPS to ensure that no melting occurs. Chocolate and nuts should be stored in a cool dry place.



On all International Shipments we prefer to have our products FOB Bellmawr, NJ and the distributor or end user customer handles the shipping. This is done easily by sending us the labels to affix to the boxes and any paperwork to be included and we will deliver to FedEx or UPS for the distributor. Although we do ship via FedEx and UPS everyday and can provide a shipping quote and ship via these two carriers as an extra service provided, that does not mean that the country of origin does not have custom requirements as it relates to the product being shipped. FedEx & UPS do not always provide the information and paperwork procedures for other counties. Admints & Zagabor CAN NOT be responsible for understanding the custom regulations in any other country than the United States. With every shipment to a foreign country there are often custom broker fees, duty charges and country taxes. These vary based upon the country and the products being shipped. Admints & Zagabor will fill out the forms to bill these charges to the shipping account provided. IT IS THE DISTRIBUTORS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS IN WRITING ON THE PURCHASE ORDER OR AFTER THE ORDER IS PLACED REGARDING ANY SHIPPING INFORMATION OR INSTRUCTIONS AS IT RELATES TO THE SHIPMENT. Admints & Zagabor will fill out shipping forms on behalf of the distributor and end user if requested for a fee of $20.00 per box. However, if the distributor or end user would like to send Admints & Zagabor all the shipping documents and forms needed we will apply them to the packages at no charge.

Please note that special customs requirements may vary between countries for food, perishable items and/or cosmetics and health related items such as lip balm lip moisturizer and hand sanitizer. Admints & Zagabor can’t be held responsible for any product rejected by the receiving country. Please have your client confirm the receiving country will allow these items and provide you/us with any paperwork or international customs requirements that we need to follow in advance to avoid delay and possibly miss an event. Admints & Zagabor will be helpful to provide whatever additional information is being requested. If we are shipping through our system we can only bill shipping third party and must be made aware of any special paperwork or procedures required so your order is not held up or rejected in the custom's process. The distributor agrees to settle any dispute or claim with FedEx or UPS directly and in the event Admints & Zagabor is needed to help process a claim we will do so on the behalf of the distributor but will not assume any liability.

The distributor understands and acknowledges that they are placing an order that is FOB Bellmawr, NJ 08031 and assumes the payment liability for the product upon shipment from Bellmawr, NJ 08031. If for any reason the product is held up in customs, delayed or returned from anther country this does not excuse the distributor of this payment liability.


Goods should be inspected immediately upon arrival. Complaints must be made in writing within 5 days of delivery. No merchandise may be returned without a factory authorization in writing. All claims for goods damaged in transit or for delayed delivery must be filed by the distributor/recipient with the carrier on receipt. We are not responsible for common carrier mistakes.


$3 per carton will apply to all orders.


Split Shipments that are on different dates add a $4.50 (v) per shipment charge.


Drop shipments are multiple shipments on same date to more than one location. These individual drop shipments are $6.25 (v) per address, plus shipping charges, if proper addresses are provided 2 weeks prior to ship date, in an the Excel file template we provide to you. We require you to enter names and addresses. This price includes the individual box mailer if necessary. For lists in other formats, add $3.00 (v) per address. We require an e-mail or disc with the correct format. Please name the spreadsheet with your name and the purchase order number.


All standard packaging and weights are listed on our website for each product. Shipping weights, as provided for each product are approximate and will vary depending upon the weight of the filling.

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All transactions are governed by the State of New Jersey.


Admints & Zagabor’s liability is limited to credit or replacement of any portion of a shipment and shall in no case exceed the amount charged for goods.


No warranties are expressed or implied by Admints & Zagabor concerning the marketability or suitability of its products for any specific use or purpose.


We are able to modify existing products, create new products and develop different custom products and programs. Contact factory for ideas and pricing.


Call for pricing.


We have digital files for all our images. These can be supplied for your own printed material, internet and intranet websites. Please contact us for more details.


All copy or other material submitted by the customer for use by Admints & Zagabor are being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent or similar protection. The customer, by submitting such copy or other material, represents that the use thereof by Admints & Zagabor on the products ordered will not violate any such laws, and Admints & Zagabor hereby disclaims any and all liability for compliance with such laws in the use of the customer’s copy or other material. The customer hereby agrees to hold Admints & Zagabor harmless for any damages, costs, and/or expenses that may arise from any and all actions as a consequence of Admints & Zagabor’s use of said copy or other material or the operation undertaken by fulfilling the customer’s order.


We have many generic product images for all items that can be created for your customer on our website. In addition we will create a virtual sample at no cost with your client’s logo and information. This is a great way to provide your customer with a custom image without the expense of an actual production spec sample. Please allow 3-5 days. If you need this sooner for a specific meeting or presentation, do not hesitate to give us a call.


Our policy is to provide random samples at no charge. We ask that you pay for shipping by providing a shipper number from either UPS or FedEx. Requests for large quantities of samples will be handled on an individual basis.


The size of the Greeting Card is 3.5" x 5.25". They are $3.00 (v) per card with the same message and $6.00 (v) per card if there are different messages. There is no charge to insert the same greeting card in all packages. There is no charge to insert the same greeting card provided to the factory. If we are matching specific cards to specific packages, there is a $2.00 (v) charge per package. Please see card options on page 48.


Yummy Photo products ship FOB Watsonville, CA 95076. Please inquire on our website regarding specifications and shipping requirements.


Admints & Zagabor we hold ourselves to the highest standards in product safety, product testing and social responsibility. We are an FDA registered facility, operating in accordance with the State of New Jersey Health Department, Kosher Certification and the Department of Transportation shipping guidelines, the Consumer Product Safety Act and Prop 65 regulations.

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